Gainesville’s creeks and waterways are an integral part of the natural environment and character of our community. Take the opportunity to recognize the contributions which the creeks and waterways make every day to our health, safety, comfort, and quality of life and the blessings they bestow on us, our lives, and the heritage we pass on to our children . Join your community in celebrating our creeks by taking part in a creek clean-up, by visiting one in Gainesville's beautiful nature parks, and by taking steps to protect these precious resources.

To learn more about water resources in Alachua County, visit our partner site!

Did you know that Gainesville's creeks are all part of the Orange Creek Basin? A group made up of local governments, businesses and citizens has worked togehter to create an Orange Creek Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) to address pollutants in our watersheds. The BMAP presents management actions and options for addressing high bacteria levels in Hogtown Creek, Sweetwater Branch, and Tumblin Creek and too many nutrients in Alachua Sink, Orange Lake, Newnans Lake, and Lake Wauberg. The plan was developed to address pollutant loading targets (also called Total Maximum Daily Loads) developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for these waterbodies. The final draft of the Orange Creek BMAP is available - click here to download the BMAP.  For more information on the Total Maximum Daily Load program, see Gainesville Clean Water Partnership.

The City of Gainesville and Alachua County have also been busy developing a new improved Stormwater Managment Plans to meet requirements of the Clean Water Act as well as state environmental protection requirements. You can download these SWMPs here:
Alachua County SWMP
City of Gainesville SWMP

Artwork by Jan Adkins

Elvis Otter is alive and well in Alachua County! Watch Elvis Otter and the Creekside Gang Movie now !

Water is our most precious resource and YOU are the solution to water pollution - so help keep our local waters clean by following a few simple steps.

Who is is your source of information on the interdependent creeks, watersheds and wetlands in Gainesville, Florida. Learn how our community cares for water through stormwater management, and learn how you can help keep your local waterways beautiful and healthy.Learn more about the Gainesville Clean Water Partnership.