To have a successful business, you depend on a successful community. Clean water is a resource that supports you and your community. Practice Florida-friendly landscaping habits, good housekeeping, and responsible disposal practices at your business. Visit our Get Involved page for recommended business clean water best management practices. Your business can also participate in volunteer activities to further support clean water in our community. Make sure your businesses landscape contractor is certified in Green Industries Best Management Practices – if they are not we would be happy to provide them with training.

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Get Involved

Landscape to protect waterways, volunteer for a cleanup, follow clean water practices, report problems and connect with your watershed!

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Landscape Contractor Training

Learn how and why to comply with the Alachua County Water Quality Code in this guided training covering landscaping waste disposal and landscaping BMPs.

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Report a Problem

Only Rain Down the Storm Drain! Report illegal dumping and discharges.

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Illegal Discharges

In this series, we’ll help you expand your water wisdom by exploring Alachua County’s local waters.

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Pollution Solutions

Become a part of the solution by following these tips on how to prevent stormwater pollution.