Beville Heights Creek

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Beville Heights Creek is a tributary of Hogtown Creek located in west Gainesville. The creek starts just east of the 1800 block of 55th Street at Kingswood Pond. It flows through the Kingswood, Suburban Heights and Hillcrest neighborhoods before it flows through Cofrin Nature Park. It then continues through the Beville Heights neighborhood until it joins with Hogtown Creek in Hogtown Prairie, and eventually drains to the Floridan Aquifer at Haile Sink. Residential neighborhoods account for most of the land-use in its watershed with some natural and commercial areas as well.

Water Quality

Beville Creek is a tributary of Hogtown Creek which is impaired due to high levels of fecal coliform bacteria exceeding state criteria by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Fecal coliforms are found in human and animal waste. Water quality monitoring information is available for Beville Creek. To access this data, please visit here and access the monitoring stations and data by clicking on the station on the interactive map.

Plan a Visit

You can visit and explore this creek at the City of Gainesville’s Cofrin Nature Park, located at 4810 NW 8th Avenue. The park includes a half-mile long hiking trail. Pets are welcome. Please be sure to dispose of pet wastes responsibly in provided waste stations.

Fun Facts
  • This park was donated to the City by Mrs. Gladys Cofrin, an active environmentalist who had a horse farm and family homestead on this site.
  • When Ms. Cofrin was young, the area surrounding the park and creek was rural and horse friendly. “The Idylwild Cowgirls” is a local young adult novel reflecting that time.

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