Report A Wildlife Sighting

What wildlife can you spot along our creeks?

In any environment, living beings seek water. In an urban environment that is highly developed, our waterways become refuges for wildlife. In areas where the surrounding environment is more urban (more paved area), the creeks can serve as wildlife corridors. When on your next creek adventure, you may see an otter! Or a pileated woodpecker! Gainesville is blessed with many opportunities to see amazing wildlife! Although a gator on your evening run along the trail can be intimidating, it is also exciting! Spotting wildlife along the creeks is an opportunity to remember that we share our environment with many different species. We want to do our best to keep these important corridors as clean and safe as we can to show respect for all of the creeks inhabitants and visitors.

When wildlife is concentrated in an area, it can also contribute to pollution issues such as increased coliform levels. As coliforms are one of the area’s pollutants of concern, the City conducted a study of what animals were contributing coliforms at certain test sites. The results showed that many animals can contribute to our pollution issues – including domestic pets. So if you are taking your furry friend along with you on your next adventure, be sure to Scoop the Poop!

There are so many animals that visit Gainesville’s creeks. Let us know what you see – take a picture and post it to our Facebook or Instagram page!

Dragonfly on leaves.
Bird Nest
Child Draws in Sand