storm•wa•ter n.

Rain that runs off roads, roofs, gutters and yards into stormdrains, retention basins, ponds or other drainage systems.

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When it rains, where does it pour?

All rainwater comes from the sky. But when it hits the ground in an urban area, where streets, sidewalks, parking lots and buildings share the watershed, that rainwater needs help getting back to the creeks. It also needs help reaching the creeks free of pollution. This is the art of stormwater management.

Stormwater management is everybody’s job. While the City of Gainesville and Alachua County Public Works Departments work hard to upkeep the structures that manage stormwater, it is important that we all learn more about the impact we have on our watersheds.

Learn more about stormwater and how we can protect our waterways by exploring “Water Wisdom”, a local series produced by . This series will teach you all about water in Alachua County! Access all of the episodes here.

Stormwater Management Projects

Learn about what projects are helping to improve water quality in our area.

Water Quality Reports

Want to know more about water quality in your local creek, pond, lake or watershed? We have reports, maps, data and presentations for you to explore your favorite waterbodies online.

Pollution Solutions

Become a part of the solution by following these tips on how to prevent stormwater pollution.

Stormwater Flowing Into Stormdrain
Stormwater Drain